Sites and blogs I like (Red Chidgey’s blog) (Red and Elke’s grassroots feminism resource, lots on zines and DIY feminist media) (The F-Word, Contemporary U.K Feminism) (Bitch magazine, U.S) (Music journalism, from a female/feminist perspective) (Feminism for girls and trans youth, Canada) (Venus Zine, women in music, U.S) (Pussy Rock fanzine, dedicated to “the girl rock anachronism”) (journalist Jude Rogers) (Lucy O’Brien, author of ‘She Bop: The definitive history of women in rock, pop, and soul’) (Helen McCookerybook, musician and author of ‘The Lost Women Of Rock Music: Female musicians of the punk era’) (Rachel Cohn, author of ‘Pop Princess’ and ‘Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist’) (Sarah Dessen, author of ‘Just Listen’ and ‘Lock and Key’) (Emily reviews and writes about women’s fiction and young adult novels) (my other blog, about cultural and political doings in Manchester and Greater Manchester)


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