Reflections of, reflections on: Punk women on film and TV, a chronology

The original idea for this piece was to compile a chronology of films that featured, in some capacity or another, punk women. I’ve since widened it out to include T.V, and given that I intended to start with punk and go right through to the modern day, I’ve also included grunge and riot grrrl films and T.V as I feel both scenes/movements had connections to punk and that the three things have become intertwined and influenced each other at various points.

I’m not just looking at films that are about girls and punk rock, I’m looking at films and T.V that reference or include characters that reference punk, riot grrrl, or grunge, however fleetingly or superficially, and whether the representations are positive, negative, or ambiguous.

I have learnt a lot through this about how subcultures get reflected, and also about stereotypes and the knock on effect of stereotypes about punk women, about grunge, and about riot grrrl on wider society, the public memory, and on journalism. It has been a very interesting, at times sobering, at times inspiring, and at times sheer bloody depressing, experience….

To read part 1, click here


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