Dramatis Personae

Maggie Davis: drummer in Titanium Rose

Rachel Davis:  Maggie’s mum

 Fliss Keale:  Singer/guitarist in Titanium Rose, and Maggie’s flatmate.

Flora Jones:  Bassist in Titanium Rose, small-scale fashion designer.

Katy Heathley:  Guitarist in Titanium Rose, producer.

Nat. St. John:  Maggie’s best friend, receptionist at Twilight Studios, later promoter at Juvenile Hell. 

Violet Powys:  Guitarist in The Girls From Mars.

Fergus Lowry:  Sound engineer at Twilight Studios, owner of One Way Or Another records.

Moyra:  Singer in The Girls From Mars.

Marmalade:  Fliss’ ginger and white cat.

Terry Marlowe:  Maggie’s ex-boyfriend.

Thayla:  First Girls From Mars drummer.

Jane:  Girls From Mars bassist.

Aiden:  Guitarist in Dew.

Tony Frederikson:  Maggie’s father.

Lise Frederikson:  Maggie’s half sister.

Emily Frederikson:  Maggie’s stepmother.

Andrew and Jay:  Maggie’s half brothers.

Jenny Malone:  NME journalist, manager of Titanium Rose.

Liberty Belle:  Photographer, Jenny’s friend.

Andrea:  Second Girls From Mars drummer.

Meelan:  Drummer in Clinch.

Jasper:  Girls From Mars manager.

Kylie:  Singer in Angel and The Razorblades.

Rosa:  Guitarist in Angel and the Razorblades.

Yan:  Guitarist in Angel and The Razorblades, works at The Heatons Fryery with Fliss.

Kit:  Bassist in Angel and The Razorblades, also Yan’s cousin.

Alisha and Elidh:  Two members of the Trashcan Princesses, a Leeds band.

Bob:  Singer in Dew

Amber:  Barmaid at Juvenile Hell.

Adrienne Du Shanne:  Popstar and actress.

Alan Mitchelman:  A&R at Sandra Dee Records, later works at Salva in London.

Neil:  A photographer employed by Sandra Dee Records.

Alice Benson:  Owner/M.D at Sandra Dee Records, a Scottish indie label.

Dylan James:  A photographer who works for ‘City Life’, briefly married to Nat.

Jay Adams:  A popstar.                 

Lalita Cain:  Dylan’s half sister, formerly a member of 70’s/80’s punk band The Beauty Queens.

Thomas:  Rachel’s boyfriend.

Iona Black:  Drummer in 70’s/80’s punk band The Beauty Queens, later in eighties pop band The Playgirls, then rock/pop band The Renaissance Girls.

Sean Cooke:  Producer, has worked with The Girls From Mars on their debut album, and produces Titanium Rose’s second album, Angel Oil.

Raisa:  Polish waitress who works with Maggie.

Shanti Nair:  Guitarist in The Flirts, a London band, from Bolton originally.  One of Violet’s girlfriends.

Shahina:  Promoter at The Gates during the later events of Screaming In Public.

Sabine:  DJ at The Gates and Juvenile Hell.

Emily Garcia:  Music Technology student, work experience student at Twilight Studios, trainee sound engineer at various venues, including The Gates and Juvenile Hell.

Fay:  Fergus’ sister.

Molotov Cocktail:  Drug addled punk band who co-headline during Titanium Rose’s 2004 British tour.

Sophie:  Aiden from Dew’s girlfriend.  Runs Sambuca Records with him.

Debbie:  Flora’s shop assistant at Afflecks Palace, also her flatmate during the later events of Screaming In Public.

Angel Smith:  A&R at RMC International, the multinational conglomerate who buy out Sandra Dee Records.

Nathan:  RMC employee, role unspecified.

Andrew Ryans:  Works at Say, Titanium Rose’s publishing company.

Tara:  Musician friend of Jenny’s, lives in Bethnal Green, East London, has an 8 track home studio.

Jared:  A stylist employed by RMC.

Kyle:  A photographer employed by RMC.

Elisabeth Ann:  Rachel and Thomas’ daughter, Maggie’s half sister.

Chihero:  DJ at Juvenile Hell.

Marie Flanagan:  One of the London journalists who has travelled north in order to attend and write about Violet’s art exhibition.

Sam:  Andrea and Jasper’s son.


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